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Terms & Conditions

Organization Agrees To:

  • Allow use of logo to HeartfeltSavings Inc.

  • Allow a minimum 30 day fundraising period to sell card(s) unless otherwise agreed upon and in written consent of both parties.

  • Provide all grand totals including number of cards sold and total payments to HeartfeltSavings Inc.

  • Place promotional poster in school's main office about the discount card program.

Fundraiser Provider (HeartfeltSavings Inc.) Agrees To:

  • Provide all supporting materials to parents, faculty, and staff of school.

  • Reward $5 for every card sold through school, through fundraiser.

  • Reward $4 for every card sold for school, through online platform or mailed.

  • Reward $3 for every card sold for school by Heartfelt Savings Representative(s) at events.

  • Sign-Up local businesses as participating businesses; as well as, update and maintain all HeartfeltSavings Inc.

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